KT Management -
A Specialized Property Manager

KT Management is privileged to have gained valuable knowledge and experience over the last 15 years in properties investment and management. We leveraged on our valuable experience to establish a reproducible investment model and set out a risk management process to create a proven historical track record.


Why KT Management ?

We work on every aspect of property management to ensure sustainable income and maximizing return.

Value Investments

We seek value investments – those that are focused on creating value through acquire value worth properties, renovation, or improving management.


Maximize Yielding

We maximize yielding for investors through value add seamless investment process coordination through our professional and experienced team.


Sustainable Margin

We believe every investment should provide a strong sustainable margin of safety, not just a one off opportunity for profit.


Sourcing and Structuring

We place a high priority on properly sourcing and structuring our investments with a strategy and risk mitigation framework that aims to preserve our clients’ capital.



We provide investment insights and conduct workshops to share knowledge on Financial Freedom for young and new investors.


Value-Add Services

We render value-add pre and post purchase services such as property valuation/ inspection and tenant screening services to assist our clients in making informed decisions without having the hassles of dealing with many vendors.


Your sustainable profit and returns drives our productivity.

- KT Management

Our Outstanding Services

KT assists investors discover the true value of their investment beyond the normal buy-sell practices. Our market research and analyse help investors make informed decisions. Our well-equipped teams are trained professionally in various capacities so that we could provide user-friendly and worry-free services. These are the one-stop solutions concept that made us outstanding in the market.

Property Screening & Inspection visit for investor

We provide screening of the investment and make inspection visits on behalf or with the investor.

Comprehensive tenancy management and operation system

We have a well-established system that covers tenant sourcing, tenant screening, leasing management, rental & deposit collection, property maintenance, and liaison with utility companies. This wholesome service provides our investors a strong, secure and reliable partnership that they could depend on at all times.

Marketing the property

We have an established marketing plan for all the property by our investors. Results of marketing plan in the last ten years have proven its effectiveness.


Our trained personnel assist our investor with design & build renovation work, from sourcing to supervision and handover of the renovated property.


KT Management looks out for long term and sustainable returns for all our investors.

In order to achieve this goal, we constantly create values in the investment under our care. We invest in creating a welcoming community for our tenants; we channel resources to make a safe and healthy living environment for our tenants. A safe and healthy living environment always attracts a constantly returning community. KT Management always aims to provide investors with hassle-free solutions. Our services literally cover coordination from “A” to “Z.” Investors can rely on KT management to handle investment matters with financial institutions, legal firms, as well as government agencies. We also take care of tenant management so that our investors could focus on their sole business and investments. Our last ten years’ record of serving more than 6,000 tenants is the best evidence of our sustainable value-add investment service.